Errors Made by Online Slots Players

You can be the most experienced gambler in the world; it doesn't mean that you're perfect. From novice players to the most seasoned; players make mistakes. Mistakes are completely unavoidable, but players can minimise them.

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There are common misconceptions made by players regarding online slots. Most of them are wrong accusations and this article aims to debunk them.

1. In no normal universe can you tell the odds of winning by counting the symbols. This is completely crazy. Online slots are powered by The Random Number Generator (RNG) which ensures the production of random numbers every time slot spins. There are hundreds of symbols on each and every online slot, which make the odds of counting them and hoping you'll hit the jackpot completely absurd. The odds of counting and expecting certain symbols to hit one line are one in a million.

2. Winners of jackpots are completely random. You can't say that a player hit the jackpot because it was time for the machine to hand out a huge pay out - unless, of course, you're playing progressives instead of slots. Winning is based on a little strategy and a whole lot of luck.

3. An online slot that hasn't paid out isn't primed for doling out cash soon. This is popular belief among online slot players. The RNG produces random results. NO matter how big the pot is on a certain machine, the winning combination is completely random.

4. Casino payouts are fair. Never think that casinos are low-balling you because this is completely untrue. The only profit casino's make off of online slots is the house edge. Also, international gambling commissions make sure casinos don't rip off clients.

These are four things a lot of online slots players believe. Hopefully, this article has debunked them.