Flop play in three bet pots.

Pre-flop play is one of the easiest strategies to learn in the game of poker. This is because there are a reduced number of variables. But post-flop play? This is where the fun really begins.

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In three-bet pots, the focus is all too often centred on the pre flop action, but what about the times that the three-bet is met with a call in poker single table tournaments, and you end up on the flop? Here are a few tips designed just for that very scenario.

Don’t Get Carried Away: Some players get over-excited in three-bet pots, especially with 100BB stack sizes. The pot has been swelled and so they believe they need to get it over and done with on the flop.

But stop and think about balance for a moment; you wouldn’t get it in with medium pair or top pair with weak kicker, so balance by calling with sets and two-pair occasionally.

When to Bluff? Players who three-bet excessively normally c-bet excessively. This allows you to create some flop bluffs to make them fold their air to your air. Good flops to choose for this play are connected boards and king and queen high boards.

Inducing: Planning to induce a bluff is an advanced play reserved for an advanced player. These types of players are going to expect that you will bluff raise a lot of dry flops with air, so do so with some monsters. This will often result in a three-bet bluff or a float by the more advanced player.


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