A Poker Players Union

With poker having so many people that play it professionally, wouldn't a poker players union makes a lot of sense?

It is for this very reason why regular European Poker Tour players have formed the European Players Council.

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When it comes to being a successful business, the key lies with people. The people are the warm blood that flows through the system, in order to keep the heart pumping.

In order to create a successful business, there needs to be a commune between the management team and the people, and in most businesses this is done through the creation of a union.

Poker is a business and the players are the people – the most valuable asset. But there has never been a players union in order to create the voice for the people.

However, the online poker pros believe that things are starting to move in a positive direction. The World Poker (WPT) has already held a meeting with some of the regular players on the tour, and news has just broken that the European Poker Tour (EPT) has just created the European Players Council (EPL).

The EPL consists of a number of regular EPT attendees from all over the world, and they will hold their first meeting in Barcelona ahead of the start of the ninth season.

The creation of the EPL is a great stride forward for the people, and could hopefully spark the creation of a players union, representing players worldwide.

The union could drive a series of improvements in the game, including unified rules, tournament structures, and player conditions at tournaments. If the players can help create a tournament that they love, then that can only be a positive thing for the future of the game.