Slots Tips and Strategy will really help you to improve your game and to get an understanding of what is
required for the
best possible outcome.

Enjoy Poker tournaments? Have you got your Pre-flop play down? but what about your flop play? Read through our tips and tricks for flop play in three bet pots.

Slots Tips and Strategy

1. Choose a machine according to you bankroll - Choose a machine according to the bankroll limit you have. Playing slots is a gambling game so treat it wisely.

2. Look for machines with extra Bonuses -
Choose slot with special offers, high bonuses or free bonus spins.

3. Practice before you Play for real money -
If you aren't really sure how to play a game practice for free before you play.

4. Check paytables before you play -
Check the slots paytables before you start playing so you know which are the winning combinations.

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5. Don't believe in Myths - People speak of hot or cold machines, there is no such thing. Pick a game you like and play it.

6. Know when to stop - Make a decision when you are going to quit playing. For example if you win $300 and your bankroll has run out, leave the machine.

7. Have Fun -
It is a game after all so enjoy playing and have fun.


It’s good advice, when playing online slots, to set yourself goals.

Playing online is great fun, and you can do it whenever and wherever you like but there’s a difference between online and offline casinos.

If you’ve been used to going to the likes of Las Vegas or Atlantic City, you’ll probably have been putting actual dollars into the slots.

Each time you reach the end of those credits, you need to put more money in and every time you do that you’re aware that your funds are being reduced.

It’s easier, in that situation, to think “shall I break another $20, or is that enough”? You may need to keep some money for the cab fare back to the hotel, or for a meal or a show, so you know that you need to walk away.

Online slots are all run via credit card funds. So, once you’ve registered your account and given your credit card details, you don’t need to worry about where the lady is with the change or how many quarters you have left in your cup.

It’s easy to get mesmerised by the slots, because they have great graphics and great sounds, so you can pass lots of time without even noticing. If you’re sitting at home, on the living room couch, you may not be aware of how long you’ve been playing.

That figure that you see on the screen, though, that tells you how much credit you have, it represents reality.

Unless you’re playing free online slots, your balance going up and down means you have more or less actual cash. And because we all have bills to pay and other financial obligations, it’s important to set limits.

That means knowing when to log off. If you’re having a bad day, it’s tempting to chase your losses. But if you have a figure in mind for how much you’re prepared to lose, make sure you stick to it.

Equally, it can be tempting to keep riding a lucky streak. But often you find that the winnings get reduced and soon you’re back to square one.

So, have a figure in mind for what you’d like to win, then once you’ve got to that level it’s a good idea to call it a day.

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