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There are many casinos out there that use different software and offer a different range of games. Slots 4 aim at providing you with all the resources required to find out at which casino you would like to play your favourite slot game.

If you have already played slots or have never played slots in your life, learning where to play your favourite online slot will help you stand a better chance of winning, and your next casino visit will be more fun and enjoyable.

Below we have listed the the top rated RTG, Playtech, Microgaming and Rival Gaming Casinos out there. We have put this list together for you as these casinos are safe and secure and will offer you a wonderful playing experience.

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For many people, it’s hard to beat the excitement of playing progressive slot machines online.

These slots have a jackpot as well as regular payouts, and the jackpot keeps going up until it’s won.

You’ll be able to win on the regular line, and as your funds go up and down you’ll find your eyes get drawn to the big figure on the screen which is the tantalising prospect of what you could win if you hit the jackpot.

Some people think that you have to play the maximum amount of credits to win the jackpot, but that’s not so. Whether you play for hours or you strike it lucky with your first spin, it’s just a matter of whether Lady Luck has singled you out.

In an offline casino, the progressive slots are always very popular. It stands to reason, it’s why more lottery tickets get bought on the weeks or days when the jackpot has rolled over – everyone wants to hit the big one.

The problem in that case is that you’ll generally have people hanging around the machine, if you’re lucky enough to get on it. They’ll lurk just behind you or to the side, making it obvious that they want their turn and that you are being unfair by hogging the machine.

The machines are great fun to play, in addition to offering the big rewards. So you can easily play for hours, if it weren’t for the fact that you need to answer calls of nature.

Now you’ve lost the machine, through no fault of your own. And for a long while afterwards you’ll be thinking that maybe the person who stole in as soon as you were off the chair has hit the jackpot.

That’s why playing online slots is the perfect solution. If you’re playing on your laptop, sitting on the couch in the lounge, and you need to take a break for any reason, nobody’s going to “steal” your machine.

You could come back in a few minutes or a few hours, and everything is right where you left it.


Below we have added where you can play the latest slots and win Progressive Jackpots:

Play at one of these RTG Casinos:

All Star Slots | Club USA Casino

Play at one of these Playtech Casinos:
Casino Las Vegas | Casino.com | Euro Grand | Mansion Casino

Play at one of these Rival Gaming Casinos:
Cocoa Casino | Da Vincis Gold | Superior Casino | Paradise 8 Casino

Play at one of these Microgaming Casinos:
Ruby Fortune Casino